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The reason I blog


When I first started blogging, it was mainly to capture the fascinating ideas I came across on my daily browsing journey. It was a way of journaling my thoughts for future references. And then it became more. The blog became a space of discussion, a platform for ideas to cross pollinate. And that is exactly what I loved about it. It got the conversation started and paved the way to the most marvelous intellectual encounters I've had ever wished for. 


Sadly though, my PhD and my day job kept me from doing it for some time. The more I stayed away, the more I longed to come back, but the harder it became for me to write. My writing muscles got cramped up, or maybe just used up after writing my thesis. Even though I tried to at least manage my reads in apps like pocket or feedly, the itch to contribute was always there.    


The good thing though about staying away was gaining perspective. Now that I’ve got a position where I can fully dedicate my time to research, I got to really rethink the purpose behind my blogging. If it started with a desire to bring some order to the chaos that was my web experience, it has now ascended to a greater purpose. One of immortalizing ephemeral thoughts and bringing ideas to the open so that they can be examined, discussed and exposed to the marvelous effects of serendipity.              


There is this verb “قَيَّد” that we use in Arabic (Darija) to say write. The verb actually stands for “to bind”. And this is what this blog is about. It is about binding ideas together to create better ideas. It is also about biding a community around thought experiments and eventually research projects. This is what “Nodes & Edges” 1.0 stands for. And as everything on the web, it is in perpetual beta.